My name is Scott Parker.

Welcome to my website.

Inside you’ll find lessons based on the scriptures rightly divided (
2 Timothy 2:15).

However, you should take great care in making sure what you discover is correct (
Acts 17:10-11).


In my site you will find lots of material. Some of it may be stuff you already understand.

Some of it may seem foreign to you.

In fact, relative to some things, it may seem as if you have landed on Mars, so to speak.

The language used throughout, though scriptural (
1 Pet. 4:11), is sometimes misunderstood by some as hate speech.

I do hate/abhor every false way with perfect hatred (
Ps. 119:104; Rom. 12:9; 139:21-22).

But, to be certain, I have no sadistic desire to smash people, nor do I get a charge out of using plain speech and calling things aright (
Isa. 5:20).

I get no more a “kick out of it” than Jesus did (
Mt. 16:21-23; 23:1-37; Lk. 19:41).

In fact, it is sad to have to say such things (
Plp. 3:18-19).

Yet, I long ago decided not to try to have better manners than what I read of in the Bible in an unauthorized effort to try to sugar-coat the road to hell (
Isa. 58:1; Jonah 3:1-2; 2 Tim. 4:2).

There are times you will read of people being called out by name.

Such is scriptural (
Mt. 5:20; 2 Tim. 2:15-18; 4:10).

There are times you will read exchanges between me and others.

Such is scriptural (
Mk. 7:1-13; Mt. 21:23-46; 22:15-46).

Inside you’ll find... well, you get the point, I’m sure.

Know this, if you proceed forward and enter my site, my purpose behind everything contained therein is to help souls be saved (
Mt. 16:26; Rom. 10:1-3; Acts 26:28-29; 20:24).

The goal is most certainly not to push people from the truth.

If you have questions about anything above or relative to anything from this point forward, you can contact me from within my site.

If you do contact me though - and your goal is
not to justify yourself (Lk. 16:15), and/or engage in senseless debate (2 Cor. 12:20), and/or ask foolish questions (Tit. 3:9), and/or feign yourself to be a righteous person in order to set traps (Lk. 20:20-22) - then know that at some point I will suggest that we speak on the phone... though, if you choose not to do so that’s okay with me.

I’ll be patient with you if you
honestly want to learn.

I do hope to hear from you if you really are a truth seeker (
Prv. 2:1-6).

But, if you are a self-willed (
2 Pet. 2:10), willfully ignorant (2 Pet. 3:5) “know-it-all” who is dull of hearing (Heb. 5:11) and/or one who loves the wisdom and traditions of men (1 Cor. 3:19; Col. 2:8), then by all means PLEASE do not bother contacting me. I have no time for such.

So, if you’ve concluded I’m not a monster
smiley5102 and if you wish to proceed, then...